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virtual dreams

teejay's creative outbursts

Virtual Dreams
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This is where you'll find all of tj_teejay's fan fiction, icons, wallpapers and other fanart.

You've found your way to VIRTUAL DREAMS, TeeJay's creative community. This is the place where I will be posting my fan fiction, icons, wallpapers and other creative works.

So, why this community? I started out on LJ like any old blogger, posting a mixture of personal entries, fanworks, reviews, you name it. However, when I became more and more active in the White Collar fandom, posting a large number of my fanfics there, as well as responses to icon challenges, I realized that things were getting a little messy with the more personal entries in between. That's when I decided it would make sense to outsource all my fanworks stuff elsewhere. And ta-da! virtualdreams was born.


You can join this community, but I will not give anyone other than me posting access. I don't plan to post a lot of locked entries (if any), so feel free to watch rather than join the comm.

If you've stumbled across my journal through my fan fiction and have contemplated leaving a comment but have been feeling too shy to do so, all I can say is: Don't. I mean, don't be shy! Any fan fiction writer loves feedback, be it a long ramble about why the story spoke to you, or just a simple "I liked your story." Feedback can make a world of difference, and you wouldn't believe how ridiculously happy it makes me to open my e-mail in the morning and see a whole bunch of LJ comment notifications.

Also (and it is totally beyond me how anyone could put me on a pedestal, but I've heard it happens), I'm just a geek like you and me. I work a full time job and spend my spare time reveling in guilty indulgences such as watching too much TV or spinning more fanfic scenarios in my head than any sane mind should. I spend too much time in front of the computer, ingest too many unhealthy things (preferably chocolate) and try to go to yoga class once a week. I live in a rented apartment, drive a medium-sized hatchback (named Jake) and am neither fat nor skinny. I have bad hair days, am a total tomboy and never use make-up. Seriously, I couldn't be more normal. (Hm, okay, maybe I could, but still...)


If you should be interested in following my personal journal, you can find it at tj_teejay. And, yes, of course you're welcome to friend me. What you'll find there is mostly personal entries and my more or less ranty and/or wacky TV or movie reviews. My personal journal is mostly friends only since I usually f-lock all my personal entries.

I dabble in photography. I'm a proud owner of a Canon EOS 550D (with a Sigma 18-50mm lens and the Canon 55-250mm kit lens). My online photo gallery can be found here.

I co-run chris-marquette.com, and I've actually met him in person twice. Chris Marquette, I mean. He's super nice and a real sweetheart. And while we're bragging, I've been to dinner with Michael Welch too. Kind of a long story how that came about.

And, yup, I have a personal Twitter account. Don't use it excessively, but if you want to follow me, my name there is aka_TeeJay.

I will also shamelessly admit that I run peterouterbridge.net and the corresponding Twitter account, @pouterbridgefan. Plus, I have a Peter Outerbridge-themed Tumblr. This fantastic and very talented Canadian actor is very underrated, and there is hardly any material about him out there. And so I set out to change that.

The layout is based on "Smooth" by refuted.
Layout tweaking and icons done by tj_teejay (= my humble self).
Profile code was snagged from fruitstyle and tweaked by tj_teejay.